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      Two honors in National Public Insurance Day on July 8th

      On November 15th, CCIC was nominated the "Best Organization Award" and 2017 China Insurance Industry “July 8th contribution to the Public Welfare and Poverty Reduction Award”. In 2017, we provided free house insurance coverage for local poor people in Gangcha county, Qinghai. The project was so successful that the Insurance Association of China (IAC) awarded us “7.8 Special Contributions in Fighting Poverty". Meanwhile, Gansu branch set up a project to BaiTu village in southern Gansu and Zhejiang branch launched the project of "CCIC Cares about Rural Children Whose Parents Working Thousands Miles Away”. Both projects were nominated by IAC in 2017 as "National Pioneer in Alleviating Poverty".383

      During the period of this year’s insurance public day event, we actively took part in the event. With our efforts and wide network, we launched a series of activities for propagation, such as a running campaign for poverty reduction, “Insurance Makes Your Life Colorful” painting campaign, “Penetration with 5 Approaches” etc. More than 2000 branches and sub-branches of our company attended. We wish to pervade insurance concept, listen to the public voice, improve service quality and shape the positive image of the industry through these promotion events. After the running campaign, we connected with Qinhai province to help it reduce poverty. We provide free insurance protection for rural houses in Chagang county, Qinhai, the total sum insured of which is CNY53.32 million, and the equivalent premium is CNY266.6 thousand. Risks transfer to us and this greatly reduce the potential loss to local residents.

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